Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund

The Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF) is a new, two-year national program that will invest $150 million to rehabilitate and improve existing community infrastructure across Canada. It will help to modernize infrastructure and provide broad-based economic benefits to communities.

What funding is available?

Applicants seeking less than $250,000 in CIIF funding will receive priority. Total federal funding for a project will not exceed 50% of total eligible project costs.


Who can apply for funding?

Organizations eligible to apply for funding under CIIF include:

  • local or regional governments or related agencies;
  • provincial entities that provide municipal-type services to communities;
  • non-profit organizations; and
  • First Nation governments, including Band or Tribal Councils or their legally-designated representatives.


What kinds of projects are eligible for funding?

CIIF supports the rehabilitation or improvement of existing community infrastructure that is non-commercial and accessible to the public. Examples of the type of community infrastructure that can be supported under CIIF include:

  • community centres;
  • cultural centres;
  • parks;
  • libraries;
  • recreational facilities (e.g. local arenas, swimming pools, sports fields, and other types of recreational facilities);
  • tourism facilities having a local impact; and
  • other existing community infrastructure assets which have a local community impact such as connectivity and broadband and local airports.

Eligible projects will also:

  • leverage at least 50% of total eligible project costs from other sources than the federal government;
  • complete all work prior to March 31, 2014.

The construction of new infrastructure and the significant expansion of existing infrastructure are not eligible under CIIF.