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Lady Bug Drum testimonial:

Everyone is "crazy" about the lady bug drum! Even some of the parents have come on the campus and played it. Our students, ages 3 to 8, are really enjoying playing it. They have started using a chart of letter names to play "Merrily We Roll Along." Some figured it out right away so I've made them a new chart. Should take a little more time to learn "Old MacDonald."

Every time there is “free time” on the playground, someone runs to the principal’s office to get the mallets and play the drum. They have been very respectful of each other, taking turns, etc. Our school even performed a production in which the lady bug drum was used. Afterwards, everyone commented that the sounds across the playground were “heavenly”.

The principal is so happy with it and constantly telling me how much they love it. It's great that the kids are getting some music experience along with playground time.

Children of all ages enjoy exploring sound and music. In the preschool years, exploration is the primary benefit of exposure to musical instruments. Later, children learn to enjoy both hearing and making music. These products promote listening, language, math, and science skills. Many instruments have roots in other cultures, and thus can assist in multicultural studies. Now kids can create music right in the playground with the outdoor musical instruments from Henderson.