Rock Climbers

Rock Climbers Overview

Better than the real thing

These rock climbers are lighter in weight than competitor's products, making installation and transport easier and more cost effective. Boulders arrive at your site complete and ready to install. Depending on the boulder size, a fork lift or small crane may be needed to lift the boulder into place. Footings or security points can be handled a number of ways and custom options are available. All boulders are shipped with complete installation instructions.

All Henderson playground products are designed to meet or exceed the current CAN/CSA Z614, ASTM F1487 and CPSC standards. Henderson is an active participant on both the CAN/CSA Z614 and ASTM F1487 standards.

If eco-friendly playground equipment is a high priority for your organization, all of our rock climbers are available in a corn and soy version, useful in accumulating valuable LEED credits.

Henderson's experienced playground consultants are just a phone call or e-mail away. Call 1-800-265-5462 and we'll help get your project underway.

Our rock climbers look like rock because they're cast from rock―only better! Better because experienced climbers and artisans have hand-sculpted the rock forms for perfect ergonomics on the playground.

They've left all the fun and challenge intact―after all, they're designed by real-life rock climbers. But the features on these boulders fit a child's natural hand position in a comfortable way, preventing undue stress on tendons and joints. And since the features are all rounded, the hand remains in a relaxed, anatomical position while climbing. The features are also shoe-friendly, preventing falls with well-designed foot placements.

Since they are styled from a combination of real rock and hand-sculpting, the resulting play boulders are stunning, combining the best of natural and human artistry. A special fibreglass mixture gives the rocks  a realistic look and feel, sure to draw attention to any park or playground.

Five sizes of rock climbers guarantee something for kids of all ages, from the Large Boulder to the Li'l Buddy. Small, Medium, and Large Boulders are available in a standard brown colour scheme, while Li`l Buddy and Ever-Rest Boulder are available in light tan. Other colour schemes may be available at an additional charge. Ask for details.

Our rock climbers are made with fibreglass for durability, ease of maintenance, and crack resistance. They have a naturally UV-resistant outer coating, no modular holds to maintain or t-nut holes to attract insects, and an anti-graffiti coating to aid in the removal of unwanted rock paintings. The in-cut features on our rock climbers are specifically designed to aid in the removal of water, preventing pooling and expediting drying time.